Attention Future Superheroes: FREE LIVE Video Story Series...

Your Child's Mini-Quest 2.0 To Discover The Superhero Within!

The Superhero Within Mini-Quest begins in...

Episode 1:

The Hero's Journey

Episode 2:

Meet Landark: Your Call To Adventure

Episode 3:

Discover Your Superpowers

Episode 4:

Face Your Villains

Episode 5:

Form an Unstoppable Belief

Episode 6:

Enter The 5-D Super Kid

Every Child Has a Superhero Inside Them Waiting To Be Discovered...

This short LIVE video mini-quest with worksheets and assignments is the perfect way for your child to peal away the labels placed on them, build confidence in who they are and begin to take interest in powering up their body to have the healthiest & strongest sense of self.

Here is what your child will experience in the LIVE FREE Superhero Within Video Story Series:

Your child will learn to focus on their highest & strongest sense of self so they can be confident in who they are.

We go through life with different labels placed on us & sometimes lose confidence in who we are.  That's about to change.

How to Discover Their SuperPowers.

Every superhero has unique gifts that they possess. Chapter 3 shows you & your child how to identify those gifts.

Learn to overcome challenges & face their villains.

Every superhero & child is faced with their own internal villains. Chapter 4 shows your child how superheroes turn their fears & doubts into their greatest strengths!

Begin your child's journey in taking interest in their health and becoming a 5-D Super Kid!

Chapter 6 shows your child how and why all superheroes take care of their body and one of the best ways to do that is to drink a superhero smoothie each day.  You and your child will discover how to become a 5-dimensional super kid!

Hi, I’m Uncle Greg and this is my niece, Sophia. We’ll be your child’s guide on their new quest to forming a superhero identity.

As a former gym owner (with over 15 years of experience as a health expert), I've helped thousands of adults reverse the long-term effects of negative self-image and poor nutrition habits.

When I created the Superhero Nutrition program, I knew that I was on to something. After testing out the program with the kids whose parents went to my gym I quickly learned the impact it was having on their families. It was a massive hit!


We needed to establish a new normal ... to equip and empower the next generation to live their lives free from poor health & a negative self-image ... to enjoy unprecedented health, peace and prosperity.

We wanted to create more than just a way for kids to learn about nutrition, mindset and life skills like saving money…

So we made it into an experience where children can go on a quest to form their very own superhero version of themselves…

...And this FREE video story book is their starting point.

No Prior Superhero 

Experience Needed!

The NEW Superhero Within Mini-Quest begins in...

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